Welcome, coffee lovers!

Hi, my name is Sophie and I love coffee!

In 2017, I opened a small coffee truck. I’ve spent years researching the best products, techniques, and styles to make coffee. 


I like to think of myself as someone who appreciates coffee, but doesn’t get super wrapped up in the science of it all. While I appreciate a great brew,  I don’t turn my nose up at an espresso that has been pulled a little too long or made with a slightly too coarse grind.

Exploring new and interesting ways of making and drinking coffee is always a goal, but I still have my firm favourites I regularly order or make.


My goal is not only to bring amazing coffee to our tiny rural community, but help you make the best cup of coffee possible at home without all the fuss. 

Making amazing coffee achievable for all Australians!

Making a great cup of coffee at home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here you’ll find easy to understand coffee talk about the all the things you need to know to make an amazing cup of coffee. 

Whether you’re looking for the best coffee plunger, a gift for a coffee lover, or want to know why your almond milk is curdling, I’m here to help you out!

Get to Know Sophie

My favourite drink is a piccolo (a ristretto shot topped with warm milk – basically like a baby latte) but I also love black coffee and espresso and my go to dessert is an affogato.

I love coffee and brew it so many different ways it’s hard to count but my espresso machine is my go to most days and cold brew is always in the fridge during the summer months.

Half the year I live on the Gold Coast where there is a great beach coffee culture that I think is totally unique and very different to the famous coffee culture of Melbourne. The other half of the year I live in a super isolated area of Cape York where I’ve opened a small coffee van to serve our small community and the tourists we get during the dry season.

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