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How To Find The Best Coffee Beans, Australia 2021

All of us coffee lovers want to spend our days floating in coffee heaven for which we need to firstly find the best coffee beans. As there are so many wildly different options available, finding the best coffee beans for your kind of heaven is a challenge of its own merit. 

This article is a complete guide to all the nuances of various coffee beans, their origins, and their distinctive flavour palates. I will introduce you to not only the best coffee in Australia but also the best coffee beans Australia offers on the market currently. 

In this guide, I take you through the best Australian coffee beans and also the best Australian coffee beans brands to keep an eye out for. Finding the coffee bean brand that suits your unique flavour palate and price point is just about as satisfying as it can get and I hope to help you with that decision. 

Of course, knowing exactly what to look for can be a confusing and time consuming endeavour, and so if you’re seeking to buy coffee beans online, you’re in the right place. Let this guide help make the best choice for you.

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Our Pick for the Best Coffee Beans: Bun Coffee Byron Bay and Single O

I have two favourites here….. well two roasters but honestly I would drink ANY of their beans every day of the week!

First of all Bun Coffee Byron Bay. I regularly use these beans and genuinely like them plus there is a great little hole in the wall cafe near me that uses them and I’ve NEVER been disappointed by a coffee from there.

Second, I love love love Single O! I had the pleasure of visiting their cafe in Surry Hills recently and everything about their coffee is fantastic. I really love what they do and if you ever get the chance to visit I highly recommend their “daily flight” which is basically a tasting board of their three feature coffees that day.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best coffee beans reviewed in this article.

ProductTypeRoast LevelBest ForRatingPrice
Sons of Amazon
Sons of Amazon, Dark Roast Coffee Beans (Just The Beans) - 500g - Australia's Strongest Coffee (Arabica + Robusta) - Rainforest Alliance Certified
Coffee Blend
Robusta &
Dark RoastEspresso,
Cold Brew,
Any cold
Byron Bay Coffee
Byron Bay Coffee Company 500g Certified Whole Bean, 0.53 kg, Organic Espresso
Single Origin
Dark RoastEspresso4.5/5Check
St. Remio
Coffee Blend
Medium -
Dark Roast
Long Black,
Plume Bear Claw
Coffee BlendDark RoastEspresso4.5/5Check
Early Bird
Coffee BlendDark RoastBlack Coffee
Perfect with
Coffee Alchemy
Coffee BlendDark RoastBlack Coffee
Perfect with
Proud Mary
Single Origin
Burundi Nyagashiha
Dark RoastEspresso or w/
low sugar milk
/dairy alternatives
Coffee BlendMedium RoastBlack Espresso
& Milk Based
Coffee BlendMedium RoastWith milk
/dairy alternatives
Single O
Single OriginDark RoastCold Brew4.6/5Check
Coffee BlendDark RoastFilter coffee,
Espresso or,
w/ milk
Market Lane
Single OriginMedium -
Dark Roast
Sensory Lab
Coffee BlendDark RoastEspresso,
Cold Brew
Coffee BlendDark RoastEspresso4.6/5Check
Monday's Coffee
Single OriginMedium -
Dark Roast

Tips on Finding The Best Coffee Beans?

Here’s a quick guide on the tips for finding the best coffee beans possible for the best cup of coffee every single time you go to make one. I will talk all about coffee beans and how to source the best batch in your local area or even the best place to buy coffee beans online for that matter. 

It’s important to consider the type of coffee bean that you’re choosing to buy, from picking between single origin vs blend to identifying the freshness of the roast.

Buy Whole Beans

The primary difference between ground coffee and whole beans is the freshness, flavour, and aroma of the result. Whole beans will retain much more freshness, preserving the intense flavours of the bean that ultimately allow you to enjoy the wonderful aromas of the coffee.

It’s possible to even buy online coffee beans Australia, that guarantee freshness thanks to their form as whole beans rather than grounded beans. Among the best coffee beans on Amazon are options like the Sons of Amazon Dark Roast and the Byron Bay Coffee Company that both recommend freshly grounding the whole beans upon each serving of coffee.

Buy Local Where Possible

Buying locally is not only great for supporting the local economy but also amazing for guaranteeing a fresh roast every time. Some of the best cheap coffee beans Australia has are locally sourced, making it even more tempting to find your nearest coffee roasters as soon as possible!

So look up the coffee roasters in your area and you’ll be surprised at the wide range of coffee beans for sale that have the same if not even better quality than exotic blends.

Buy as Freshly Roasted as Possible

A fresh roast guarantees a full optimisation of flavours to be experienced in your cuppa. When coffee beans are kept unused for a long time after they’ve been roasted, they begin to lose all of their naturally intense flavours and will soon taste more bland and watery. 

A top tip for retaining the freshness of your roast is to look for ziplock sealed bags to keep the beans in, which you can even find amongst the best coffee beans from supermarket purchases. The less oxygen that interferes with the beans, the longer you can preserve their freshness and thus also their wholesome flavour profile. Learn more about coffee beans by checking out our coffee beans page.

Single Origin vs Blend

In your search for finding out which coffee beans are best, you’ll come across another thing to consider which is whether to buy single origin or blend coffee. Buy single origin if you’re looking to learn more about the body and flavour profile of specific coffee regions and go for blend if you’re happy with beans that have come from various geographic regions.

Single Origin

Single origin coffee is strictly sourced from one geographical region, crop, or producer. These beans are usually grown in better farming and milling conditions that result in a better overall quality which also reflects heavily in the price. BunCoffee ByronBay sells 100% Australian coffee beans online, making even buying local single origin coffee super accessible to everyone. 

Although single origin coffee beans are certainly more expensive than blends, they’re the best coffee beans to buy if you want to experience the true flavours of specific regions to appreciate the diversity of the coffee growing culture around the World. 

Single origin coffees are known to boast bolder and more robust aromas and truly exotic flavour profiles like red grape, chocolate, starfruit, black cherry, raspberry, for example. I’d also recommend using an Aeropress for brewing as it’s the best for preserving and thus emphasising the unique flavour notes of the region. 

Coffee Blends

Coffee blends, on the other hand, are made from beans that originate from various geographical regions. The beans used within coffee blends intend to complement one another and bring out their best flavours. Although most single origin beans aren’t suitable for milk based beverages, coffee blends are ideal for it, making them much more versatile and user friendly.

So if you enjoy making a variety of different cups of coffee, whether it’s a latte, a macchiato, a flat white or a ristretto, blends are more approachable and easier to play around with compared to single origin beans. Overall, a blend is balanced out in flavour, texture, and aroma. No wonder it’s the most used and consumed type of coffee out there.

Despite the easy going nature of coffee blends, I’d recommend trying either the drip method or filter. Some of the best coffee beans for espresso lovers are the Plume Bear Claw Blend coffee beans that are best enjoyed as an espresso or a ristretto.

Best Coffee Regions

Being familiar with the various coffee producing regions is vital to finding the best coffee beans in Australia. The wildly different regions and manufacturing methods lead to diverging levels of acidity and flavour profiles for you to choose from. 

Below you can find a brief overview of the best known coffee regions in the World, their coffee making history and current practises.


In the early 1700s, Jesuit priests arrived alongside Spanish settlers and first brought coffee into Colombia. The primary crops were harvested in the Northeastern part of Colombia, and soon enough, local farmers followed suit and harvested coffee beans as a cash crop. As coffee consumption grew increasingly popular in the United States, Germany, and France throughout the 1800s, so did the production of coffee all around Colombia.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia was formed in 1927 to protect the rights of local coffee growers, following the breakdown of the industry in the late 1800s during the Civil War which dramatically decreased the value of coffee. But ever since, Colombian beans have flourished amongst the best brand coffee beans in the World.

Colombia is home to nutrient dense hills and mountains, high elevation, and a wet climate that fosters the perfect environment to grow incredible quality coffee. Colombian coffee is very diverse in flavour, but is typically known for full bodied and nutty or floral and acidic notes. Because of the frequent rain, Colombian coffee beans possess a crisp acidity, favourable sweetness, and true clarity of flavour. The coffee beans of this region are most popular for boasting the best quality beans in the World that have a highly versatile use in coffee making.


Coffee was first introduced in Hawaii in the 1820s through Brazilian imports. Although the initial plants didn’t take on very well, Reverend Samuel Ruggles took some of those seedlings and planted the first ever coffee trees on the volcanic slopes of the Kona region. The highly mineral rich volcanic soil was found to be the key to growing healthy crops. It took decades of effort past 1828 for the coffee beans of the Kona region to finally gain international recognition.

At the 1873 World’s Fair held in Vienna, Austria, Kona was first acknowledged as a region for specialty coffee beans. Today, the coffee beans of the Kona region are most famously known for its volcanic climate that the beans grow in, bringing about uniquely abundant, full bodied, and nutty tones. Hawaiian coffee has a slightly syrupy body, floral aromas, and an added hint of fruitiness that packs a subtle acidity, making for one of the best tasting coffee beans. 

The Hawaiian region is also renowned for the exceptional level of care and attention that’s invested into the farming process, but due to the expensive price of the 100% Kona region coffee, it’s often sold as a blend version with Colombian or Brazilian beans. If you’re looking for the real deal single origin Kona coffee, be prepared to pay a higher price than commercial beans and look for the Kona Coffee Council’s “Seal of Approval” tag. 


Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee as the tree grows naturally on the land. It’s believed that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around the 9th century, initiating the sense of coffee culture that we know and love today. Coffee is deeply immersed into Ethiopian culture, so much so that even the language is embedded with idioms on coffee. Much of the social life revolves around it and it’s seen as the central source of sustenance for the population.

A commonly used phrase in Ethiopian is “buna dabo naw” which translates to “coffee is our bread,” and I’m sure it’ll soon be that way for many people who delve into the Ethiopian coffee world. Fruity and floral notes acquired from the high altitudes of the mountains and the pleasant acidic sweetness imported from the natural production of lactic acid all characterise Ethiopian coffee beans. A usual cup of Ethiopian coffee exhibits a great deal of flavour clarity, brightness, enchanting fruitiness, and daintiness. 

Although Ethiopian coffee is the grandmother of all coffees, their beans are most famous for having the broadest genetic diversity with many undiscovered variants. Many exotic flavours and wildly grown beans don’t even taste like coffee at all. Harrar beans are the most popular and unique thanks to the dry processing method in which the sun dries the coffee fruit naturally. Harrar beans are bold, full bodied, and reminiscent of red wine in flavour.


Coffee wasn’t introduced in Kenya until 1893 when the Missionaries attempted to import Bourbon coffee from Brazil. During British colonization, the white settlers declared certain coffee crops to their name and the locals were to provide free labour for the harvesting process. Only after the end of the Mau Mau war in 1960 did Kenyas acquire the permission to grow their own coffee. Nevertheless, it was centrally marketed, and strict control remained over production.

Thanks to modern reforms, Kenyan farmers can now finally grow coffee in whatever quantity and quality they wish without having to attract penalties upon them, and most significantly, they can determine the price of the beans too. Kenya grows only Arabica beans with the volcanic soils and frequent rainfall making for the ideal environment. Kenya offers brightly acidic and abundantly aromatic coffee beans. The flavour can be either bold and juicy or tropical and crisp.

Similarly to Ethiopian coffee, Kenyan beans are medium to full bodied aromatically floral with hints of bergamont, lemongrass, and berries. The region is most well known for its coffee grading system prior to international export. During selection, the biggest coffee beans are picked as they pack higher quality, more aromatic oils, and an intense flavour profile. If you’re after richly aromatic beans, look out for Kenyan single origin coffee beans for a true experience.


Arabica coffee was first imported into Indonesia during the occupation of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. Once Indonesia proved to have the perfect climate for cultivation, coffee quickly became an integral part of the economy. The beans were grown at low altitudes which led to surprisingly high turnover rates. Nowadays, Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the World, while being one of the first to commercialise coffee beans internationally. 

There are 3 main regions where coffee is produced in Indonesia: Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. Indonesian coffee is characterised as having low acidity while being heavy-bodied, continuously impressing those who love the rich and creamy texture of coffee. The primary flavour notes include a strong and robust earthy taste with hints of wood, leather, and tobacco.

Indonesian coffee is popular for their vast production methods that result in the majority of the most well known Western coffee brands and shops to use Indonesian single origin coffee beans. All Robusta lovers will be happy to know that a hefty amount of cheap coffee beans are manufactured in Indonesia, making for an affordable choice. The country is also coined for their wide range of speciality coffees, such as the kopi luwak and kopi mandailing, which are produced by using specific fermentation practices.

Roast Level

Considering the roast level, whether that’s light, medium, or dark is essential in the process of choosing the perfect coffee beans for your liking. Roast level indicates the duration that the beans have been roasted for, ultimately defining the flavour and body of your cup of coffee.

Light Roast

A light roast has retained the most of its original flavour compared to any other roast level. The term “light” refers to a short roasting time at about 185℃-200℃ and for this reason, the beans don’t become masked by a smokey flavour. In a light roast you can expect to taste the highest level of acidity and feel a real buzz thanks to its potent caffeine concentration.

I recommend light roasts especially for single origin beans as this type of roast highlights every part of the complex and unique flavour palates of the bean. Thanks to this, it’s hard to go wrong with light roast beans as their natural flavour has in the most part been preserved, also making it easy to buy coffee beans online, Australia 2021.

Light roast beans are best used in an Aeropress. This brewing method preserves the super clean and crisp flavours of the beans and also stops any oil or sediment from getting into your cup thanks to the paper filter.

Since light roasts are more porous than darker roasts, the compounds extract slowly, making the classic pour over technique preferable. This cost effective method requires minimal effort. All you need is fine ground beans, boiling water, paper coffee filters, and a pour over container. Simply brew for around 3-5 minutes and you’re ready to enjoy a cup of richly flavoursome coffee without any lingering hints of bitterness. 

Medium Roast

A medium roast offers the perfect balance between the two extremes. Prepared at 210℃, medium roast beans are less acidic than a light roast, but slightly more bitter in undertone. These beans bring forth a well rounded aroma and the beginnings of a pleasing caramelised sweetness obtained through the roasting process.

The mainstream coffee industry seems to love using medium roast as it’s the most versatile and easily accessible for the majority of taste buds. Both coffee newbies and coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the wonderfully packed body and richness of a medium roast that doesn’t appear to be nor bitter or acidic. 

I’d recommend using medium roast beans specifically for all your milk based coffee drinks. Perfect for making a latte, cappuccino, mocha, piccolo latte, or absolutely any other coffee drink you can think of! Medium roasts encapsulate the flavours of the milk without having it overpower the delicate flavour notes of the beans, making for a harmonious pairing.

If you’re a fan of cold brew, medium roast beans might be the best option for you. Medium roast beans are the best coffee beans for cold brew Australia supplies on the market. Known as one of the cheapest and most straightforward coffee making methods, a cold brew is sure to accommodate best to medium roast as it preserves its lowered acidity and reduced bitterness.

Dark Roast

For those looking for a more smokey and bitter flavour in their cup of joe, look no further because the dark roast has got everything you need. Roasted at around 250℃, these beans are characterised by a deeply chocolatey, almost burnt nutty flavour that is held together by a smokiness acquired from the lengthy preparation process.

Surprisingly enough, dark roast coffee beans have the least amount of caffeine compared to the other roast levels. A low acidity, heavy body, and oily surface of the beans are all expected qualities of a good dark roast. Differently to light roasts, dark roasts don’t get to preserve much of its raw, original flavour, and thus using blends rather than single origin coffees for dark roasts is quite common.

I’d recommend using nutty and caramelised flavour combinations when drinking dark roast coffee because of its bitter chocolate undertones. So if you’re fond of toffee nut flavoured coffee, allow dark roast beans to maximise this flavour for you.

Because of its sharp full bodied intensity, dark roast beans are also actually the best coffee beans for making espresso. Many baristas claim that medium-dark roasts specifically are the best for an espresso. They also warn that the oily residue which dark roasts can leave on your coffee machines need to be cleaned regularly to avoid damage to your beloved coffee maker. Find the best home espresso machine here!

Taste Preferences

In order to find the best coffee beans brand for your unique taste preferences, it’s important to consider the diversity of flavour, acidity, and body that each option provides.

It’s key to identify what you prioritise within your coffee drinking experience as even some of the most popular coffee beans may not completely suit your taste buds. 

Flavour Notes

As a general rule of thumb, different coffee origins will produce distinct flavour profiles. The flavour characteristics of specific beans depend on the temperature, type of soil, altitude, humidity, and processing method of their geographical origins. 

Latin American coffee beans are characterised as being chocolatey and nutty with plenty of hints of caramel. African grown coffee beans, on the other hand, are described to have a floral, fruity, and sweet flavour profile. Asian origin coffee beans are characterised as earthy and herbal with prominent notes of dark chocolate that emphasise a pleasant bittersweetness.

The brewing method of the beans also influences the final flavour profile. French press style brewing savours all the oils and sugars of the beans and produces a brew that has enough acidity and balance thanks to the complete saturation process. The Seasonal Espresso by the Barrio Collective are one of the best coffee beans french press users should definitely try out!

Brewing your coffee in a Moka pot affects the flavour profile of the beans in its own way. This method uses steam pressure from boiling water, pushing water through the grounds to extract the coffee. Expect a muddy, full bodied cuppa with a distinct bitterness and mild acidity. 

The Revolution House Blend Beans by Blackstar Coffee are among the best coffee beans for Moka pot lovers that I would definitely recommend giving a go!


Acidity can be defined in two ways, there’s a sciency definition and more of a sensational experience to interpret. Acidity is the pH level of coffee in the sciency terms. Black coffee is at 5.0 on the pH scale, which means it produces a relatively acidic reaction when consumed. Acidity in terms of flavour references the fruity, sharp zing that you taste when drinking coffee. 

The level of acidity within coffee is dependent on how and where the beans are grown as well as the roast level of the beans. Coffee beans grown at higher altitudes in mountainous climates will have a higher acidity, whereas beans cultivated at low altitudes will have a lower acidity. Simple, right?

Roast level also plays a vital role in the acidity of your cup of joe. Lightly roasted coffee beans will have preserved most of their original flavour and thus also acidity, whereas dark roast beans will be the least acidic because the acquired smokey flavour overpowers the zestiness of its original taste. So if you’re keen on a pleasantly acidic and fruity cup of coffee, I’d recommend buying lightly roasted Arabica beans.


The body of coffee can be defined as the physical characteristics or the tactile feel of coffee in the mouth. Put more simply, the body of coffee is its viscosity that contributes to the aroma and flavour being produced. Among the best online coffee beans Australia, is a brand named Sons of Amazon, who produce smooth, creamy, and bold coffee beans without the bitterness despite having an above average caffeine content.

A heavier or full bodied coffee usually implies a thick and more layered taste. Heavier body coffee has retained most of its flavour, and it’s creamy and buttery in the mouth. Full bodied coffee is known to leave a rich aftertaste, emphasising the indulgent sugars and oils of the beans it’s made from. 

A light body coffee, on the other hand, is more watery, leaving minimal texture, weight, and aftertaste on the tongue. So if you don’t enjoy a very intense aftertaste, lighter bodied coffees are for you! Coffee beans grown at lower altitudes are typically known for producing a light-bodied flavour.

Medium bodied coffee lies right in the middle of the scale of light to full bodied options. Medium body is characterised as not being too watery but not syrupy or creamy either. It’s the halfway marker between rich and mild, perfect for those who can’t decide which side of indulgence they’re on!

Best Australian Coffee Beans Reviews

Take a look at our best Australian coffee beans reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally. 

Sons of Amazon Dark Roast

Sons of Amazon, Dark Roast Coffee Beans (Just The Beans) - 500g - Australia's Strongest Coffee (Arabica + Robusta) - Rainforest Alliance Certified

It’s the only coffee that I’ve been able to enjoy black. No bitter aftertaste and really strong, robust flavour. Definitely recommend. – Selina

The Sons of Amazon Dark Roast is sure to donkey kick you right out of bed in the morning. Claiming to be the strongest coffee in Australia, this roast boasts an impressively high caffeine concentration of around 440mg per cup! One coffee lover even said that a single cup is enough to help them zoom through two weeks worth of ironing laundry in under an hour and another noted that they ran 6km with no effort from the kick they got from this coffee.

No need to decide between coffee beans arabica vs robusta as the Sons of Amazon Dark Roast offers a specialist blend of the two for a truly satisfying experience. 

The beans are grown on ethically sourced farms in the South American Rainforests and then roasted in the UK. Thanks to its origins, the coffee has an abundantly intense flavour that produces a silky smooth cup of crema without any bitterness.

It’s recommended to freshly grind the beans with each serving to ensure maximum flavour and strength. This blend works best as a cold brew or any other cold beverage, and since it offers some of the best robusta coffee beans, it also makes for the perfect cup of espresso.


  • 440mg of caffeine per cup, 200% more caffeine than average coffee
  • Freshness guaranteed 


  • Not for the fainthearted

Click here to check price on Amazon 

Byron Bay Coffee Company

Byron Bay Coffee Company 500g Certified Whole Bean, 0.53 kg, Organic Espresso

The Byron Bay organic coffee is taste good and a smooth texture to the coffee and a smooth taste is the best taste. – Bradley

If you’re fond of drinking 100% arabica beans and supporting local family businesses, this option is perfect for you. The Byron Bay Coffee is a well rounded organic espresso bean that possesses a deep flavour layered by hints of sweetness in a rich, creamy body. This locally based farm in the rural hinterland of Byron Bay sources premium beans from around the World.

Byron Bay roasts fresh beans every week and runs regular trials, adjusting the temperature and airflow during the roasting process to find the optimum method that brings out the authentic flavours of the beans. Multiple coffee fans have mentioned that these are among the best organic coffee beans Australia supplies locally. 

Preserving the freshness of the beans is also made simple by the included ziplock in the packaging. Although the actual date of roasting isn’t given on the package, the company’s ethics make it easy to believe their freshness guarantee.

Although making espressos are known to damage coffee machines because of the oily residue of dark roasts, these beans are actually the best coffee beans for espresso machine use as they don’t leave inconvenient remnants.


  • Organic coffee, ethical company 
  • Packaged with ziplock, helps to retain freshness
  • Local family business with attention to quality


  • No given roast date so freshness cannot be guaranteed 

Click here to check price on Amazon 

St Remio Intense 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Loving the intensity of this blend. Great with with or without milk. Find it difficult to go back to any other brands. Definitely worth a try, you won’t go back. – Jim

A definite pick if you enjoy buying good quality for great value for money. The St Remio Intense 100% Arabica coffee beans offer a full bodied flavour sensation without the hefty price tag, making for the best arabica coffee beans for sale currently.

Produced by a collective of coffee supporters, St Remio sources sustainable coffee beans while empowering the coffee growers themselves through funding education and infrastructure at its core. Other reviewers have deemed these to be the best online coffee beans because of the frequent discounts available and a flavour that doesn’t disappoint.

The St Remio Intense 100% Arabica Beans deliver earthy and nutty flavours that work best in a cup of strong Italian espresso, a latte, a long black, or a cappuccino. The beans have a medium to dark roast level and are rated relatively high on the intensity of flavour scale, so you’ll be sure to taste the kick. 

Originating from a blend of beans grown in South America and Asia, this batch is best for those who prefer perfectly matched blends over single origin coffee. 


  • Great value for money
  • Company funds coffee growers directly
  • Versatile use


  • Blend and not single origin

Click here to check price on

Plume Bear Claw Blend Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted locally in Melbourne, Australia, the Plume Bear Claw Blend is another great option if you want to support sustainable and ethical coffee production. The Bear Claw Blend packs whole beans that have a bold and robust flavour profile, triumphing among the best strong coffee beans Australia offers.

The bespoke blends of the company ensure that you can easily craft your perfect cup of coffee. With this particular blend, you can expect a traditional Italian roasting method that marries the flavours of various beans sourced from around the World. 

Used and loved by lots of coffee shop owners and baristas, many claim that the Plume Bear Claw Blend beans are the best coffee beans espresso praisers will quickly learn to be addicted to. 


  • Locally roasted
  • Bespoke blend that can be combined with many other flavour notes
  • Bold and intense flavours, perfect for espressos


  • Relatively pricey

Click here to check price on

Roasting Warehouse Early Bird Fresh Roast

The Early Bird Fresh Roast by the Roasting Warehouse is the ideal blend for your early morning dose of caffeine that keeps you moving throughout the day without providing an overwhelming buzz that can sometimes be unproductive.

Best enjoyed with your favourite milk/dairy alternative drink or as a black coffee, the flavour profile includes stone fruit, salted chocolate, and butterscotch, accompanied by a woody aroma with prominent notes of toasted almonds. Its unparalleled mellow smoothness makes this a great batch of coffee beans to buy when you’re in the mood for sweet instead of bitter coffee.

The Early Bird Fresh Roast is one of the best whole coffee beans on the market as you can purchase it in packs ranging from 250g-1kg. This ultimately means that you can avoid the worry of the beans losing flavour from prolonged use and buy smaller packs for uninterrupted freshness. 


  • Great variety in package size for uninterrupted freshness
  • Perfect with milk or on its own
  • Buzz free caffeine that keeps you awake but not on the edge


  • Quite sweet, less suitable for fans of strong coffee

Click here to check price on 

Coffee Alchemy

Excellent roasted beans for my coffee machine at home. I love the fact that the roaster/owner calls her roaster “her baby”. Shows true love for coffee. – Nick

Coffee Alchemy has been deemed the best coffee brand in Australia for many good reasons. With a great deal of variety, Coffee Alchemy sells anything from single origin to blends, but the one thing all their products have in common is the high level of quality invested into both the harvesting and production of their coffees.

Sibila’s Brew is a favourite of many Coffee Alchemy fans. Available to purchase in 3 different sizes, this blend offers a full and complex espresso that’s accompanied by hints of ripe fruit, followed by the rich sweetness of nuts, a bit of spice, and a clean finish. It’s best brewed in plungers, commercial espresso machines, aeropress, and cold brew. These award winning coffee beans, Australia, are sure to impress.

Although it’s recommended to drink the Sibila’s Brew black, the blend is said to be enough of a chameleon to work with milk and dairy alternatives in small quantities. 

Coffee Alchemy also provides you with the option to buy either whole beans, or in a ground form suitable for Aeropress, filter, espresso, or Moka pot, so that you don’t even have to worry about grinding the beans yourself.


  • Award winning coffee beans
  • Plenty of variety
  • Option to buy whole beans or as a grinded version suitable for a brewing method of your choice


  • Best enjoyed on its own
  • Relatively expensive

Click here to check their website 

Proud Mary

A truly hip specialty coffee roaster based in Melbourne, Australia. When the founder, Nolan Hirthe, noticed the gap between farmers and consumers and the harsh realities of coffee farming, he opened Proud Mary in 2018. Proud Mary has a wide variety of coffee, from filter to espresso. 

You can also bulk buy and receive weekly deliveries, making Proud Mary a pioneer among wholesale coffee beans online, Australia, all you have to do is subscribe on their website.

The Burundi Nyagashiha beans triumph with not only their wildly fun flavour notes, but also their ethical production background. These beans have been grown at high altitudes of 1530 metres in the Burundi region in East Africa. Since the region is cooler than usual, the coffee cherries develop slower, ultimately increasing their sugar content.

A complete flavour profile featuring red grape, chocolate, black cherry, and hints of raspberry characterise the Burundi Nyagashiha beans. Best enjoyed on its own as an espresso or with low sugar milk/dairy alternatives. Many reviewers have also claimed these to be the best coffee machine beans thanks to their potent flavour that isn’t lost through machine grinding. 


  • Wholesale option 
  • Intense flavours that won’t be compromised through coffee machines
  • Sustainably and ethically produced


  • Background knowledge in coffee needed to blend to best quality

Click here to check their website

Barrio Collective Coffee

Roasted with care in a local neighbourhood near Canberra, Barrio Collective Coffee focuses on good quality coffee that’s accessible and straightforward, no matter how much you know about coffee itself. Be sure not to miss your chance at trying their best blends as they’re constantly sold out!

Barrio Collective’s most popular product is the Seasonal Espresso, a blend of beans originating from Guatemala and Colombia. Considered an all rounder, this blend has a medium body and acidity with enough clarity to experience each flavour note. The primary flavour notes are tiramisu, caramel, and stonefruit, making for an exotic combination.

These beans triumph as some of the best coffee beans in Australia thanks to their quality control and unusual flavour combinations that are often difficult to get a hold of. 

It’s recommended to brew the Seasonal Espresso blend using either a French press or a filter. Despite the small 250g size pack, you’ll likely be returning to these coffee beans to buy more and more. Alternatively, you can become a loyal subscriber of the Barrio Collective and receive regular orders, so you can order coffee just like your groceries!


  • Unique and exotic flavours
  • Possible to purchase a coffee subscription for regular deliveries
  • Accessible and straightforward for everyone


  • Only 250g packs available
  • Often sold out

Click here to check their website

Blackstar Coffee

Blackstar Coffee is the earliest adopter of specialty coffee and an industry leader of the top coffee beans Australia for the past 14 years. Frequent special events are held in their roastery in East Brisbane to educate coffee enthusiasts and provide barista training. The company is committed to fair pricing for farmers, specialty grade beans, and supporting young baristas.

The Revolution Espresso Houseblend is a true crowd pleaser and the backbone of the company’s coffee for over a decade. Designed to be used with milk or dairy alternatives, the Revolution blend offers a full body, medium acidity, and fruitiness with a flavour profile consisting of dark toffee, sweet biscuit, and dark chocolate.

Containing the blend of carefully selected beans from India, Colombia, and Brazil, the Revolution Espresso coffee beans are one of the best espresso coffee beans on the market. Thanks to the versatile origin of the beans, this blend is ideal for a whole range of different milk based coffees that are just hard to go wrong with. 

The best brewing methods are Aeropress, filter, and Moka pot, and the blend can be bought in 3 different sizes ranging from 250g-1kg. 


  • Pioneers in expert coffee blends
  • Best enjoyed with milk or dairy alternatives 
  • Versatile use


  • Doesn’t stay fresh for long – a very short “use by” date

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Single O

Ordered beans last week and really impressed with the quality of roast.. pulled some of the nicest ristrettos I’ve had in a while. – Bekir

If you’re a true fan of single origin coffee, Single O is worth looking into. Founded in 2003 in Surry Hills, Australia, Single O has been perfecting their craft of roasting single origin beans ever since. This environmentally friendly company uses solar power throughout and sources only ethically grown beans. I went to visit them very recently at their small cafe and tried a selection of beans. Everything I drank there was delicious and I had trouble choosing just three roasts to bring back home to Qld with me!

One of their most notable single origin coffees is the Las Peñas from Colombia. The farmer of these very beans is Ermes Canchala Romo, who grows his Castillo variety coffee beans at 2100m, for which he has to walk 2 hours uphill to reach. To deliver his coffee for sale, he uses horses to bring down the sacks of beans to a local transporter. 

The Las Peñas single origin beans marry the flavours of pink lady apples and buttery caramel with enough acidity from the apples, and a full bodied presence in the mouth. Since Single O is noted among the best brands of coffee beans for single origin coffees, these specialist beans simply won’t disappoint!

Although these beans are considered a fit for all brewing methods, the Las Peñas beans are the best coffee beans for cold brew because they provide a deep intensity of flavour that’s unparalleled.


  • Suitable for any and all brewing methods
  • Specialist single origin coffee beans
  • Supports local farms and ethical methods of production


  • 1kg pack is relatively pricey

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Mecca coffee puts coffee farmers at the forefront of their company. Since 2005, Mecca has tried to find ways to provide farmers with the recognition and pay they deserve and so their company set out on a mission for fairtrade. If you want to buy coffee beans, Australia that take coffee farming seriously then Mecca is one to consider.

The Mecca House Blend coffee beans are a staple of the brand and loved by many of their customers. Originating from Guatemala and Brazil, the Mecca House Blend exhibits flavour notes of orange, milk chocolate, and hints of honeycomb for a pleasantly springy profile.

It’s rich and satisfying when enjoyed with milk/ dairy alternatives and primarily sweet when consumed on its own. 

This blend holds its own through milk as an espresso or filter. Thanks to its freshness, you can be sure to taste the bright flavours of the beans that remain true to their origins and natural harvesting methods. The freshness also makes them the best smelling coffee beans that provide an aromatic experience starting from their aroma that carries on to your taste buds.


  • Farmers at the forefront of their ethics
  • Distinct flavours produced depending on brewing method
  • Reasonably priced


  • Short shelf life of 4 weeks

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Market Lane Coffee

Aiming to make a great cup of coffee simple, accessible, and easy to appreciate, Market Lane Coffee is dedicated to sourcing high quality beans from single origin farmers. Market Lane Coffee seeks memorable and distinctive flavours that stand on their own. This company is based in Melbourne and roasts the beans at their Brunswick Roastery.

The Nyarusiza Espresso coffee beans are unique in both flavour and production. Grown by a group of smallholder farmers in Nyamagabe, Rwanda, the beans sit at high altitudes and are dried naturally in the sun and turned over regularly for even drying. 

Characterised by apricot and brown sugar with a black tea finish, this coffee shows a distinctly one of a kind flavour profile that any coffee lover will appreciate. The Nyarusiza Espresso boasts medium acidity, balanced sweetness and a medium to full bodied finish, and is deemed as the best roasted coffee beans because it doesn’t compromise the flavour profile. 

Although the beans benefit from all brewing methods, Market Lane Coffee also offers to ground the coffee for you. It’s considered the best brand of coffee beans by coffee enthusiasts and is sure to impress anyone.


  • Single origin coffee from carefully selected sources
  • Unique flavour profile
  • Best roast methods used


  • Very specific brewing methods

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Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab likes to describe themselves as coffee professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe coffee. Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Sensory Lab produces some of the most popular coffee beans in Australia. Their baristas are some of the Barista Australian Championship winners, so you can’t go wrong there. They roast, pack, and sell coffee every day.

The Steadfast Espresso blend is their classic house blend. With a rich and full body, balanced acidity and sweetness, the Steadfast Espresso is part of the blends that just work with any kind of coffee you fancy, whether it’s a cold brew or a shot of strong espresso. Originating from Colombia and Brazil, this blend embodies flavours of chocolate, nuts, jam, and molasses.

Reviewers have mentioned that this coffee blend isn’t sour or bitter but rather has a perfect balance of everything and is satisfying enough to have on its own. Some people have recommended trying to brew this with the pour over method as it brings out the inherent sweetness most effectively. 

These specialty coffee beans, Australia, are popular for all the right reasons, so be sure to check out what all the fuss is about.


  • Any brewing method is suitable
  • Great bulk buying options
  • Roasted and packed in Australia by expert baristas


  • Single origin enthusiasts have less options

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BunCoffee Byron Bay

BunCoffee Byron Bay produces and sells possibly the best organic coffee beans Australia has to offer. Owner David Kennedy sources single origin beans from all over the World and roasts blends from Australian grown coffee beans. The Byron Bay roastery specialises in fairtrade coffee, rainforest alliance coffee, and Australian coffee. I first tried these beans a few years ago at a little hole in the wall cafe near us on the Gold Coast. Now, if I ever see a cafe using them, I always buy a coffee because I genuinely think they are great beans.

If you’re curious to try locally grown coffee beans, I’d recommend trying their 100% Australian Grown Sweet and Smooth beans. Featuring Arabica beans grown in Northern New South Wales and Queensland, this blend provides sweetness with slight acidity and a rich nutty finish. Due to the local climate and soil type, these beans are naturally low in caffeine and easier to digest.

Thanks to the organic growing conditions and harvesting methods, these beans are completely pesticide free. The 100% Australian Coffee has a smooth sweetness and distinct earthy flavour that’s unique to Australian grown beans. BunCoffee Byron Bay provides customers with the best coffee beans online that are unavailable otherwise through any other roasteries. 

The 100% Australian grown coffee blend is suitable to be brewed by using most methods but I’d recommend trying either a filter, Moka pot, Turkish, or commercial coffee machine. 


  • 100% Australian grown and harvested
  • Naturally low in caffeine, free from all pesticides
  • Low acidity, easier to digest than other coffees


  • Can be pricey

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Monday’s Coffee Store

Monday’s Coffee Store is acclaimed as Adelaide’s best coffee. Freshly roasted and sold in Adelaide, Australia, the company features a hip design and plenty of mystery for curious coffee lovers to delve into. Monday’s Coffee Store even offers barista training and equipment sourcing, and an option to purchase wholesale, making it especially convenient for cafe owners.

Their special single origin coffee beans named La Roca are sourced from 65 small scale coffee farmers in Nicaragua and are a hit among many of their happy customers. The elevation, mineral rich soils, and microclimates of Dipilto, Nicaragua, create a favourable climate to grow coffee that exhibits exceptional quality. 

Since The Cup of Excellence has recognised these beans, it’s safe to consider the La Roca single origin coffee among the top 10 coffee beans Australia offers. So if you’re wondering: what are the best coffee beans near me, look no further as Monday’s Coffee Store has you covered.

The La Roca beans are characterised as slightly zesty with a full bodied taste that can be compared to the flavour of starfruit and lemon cake. Its velvety finish reminds you of an angel food cake that fills the mouth with a pleasantly lingering sweetness. 


  • Ethical and sustainable single origin coffee
  • Perfect for lovers of slightly zesty coffee


  • Limited size options

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Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans?

Arabica coffee beans vs robusta beans make for an important comparison.

Arabica beans are more expensive to buy and produce, and they’re characterised by sweet, zesty, and fruity notes, emphasising an acidic flavour in the mouth. 

Robusta beans have a lower acidity, and are characterised for having a woody and earthy flavour. The caffeine concentration of Robusta beans is also slightly higher, averaging at around 2.7%, compared to Arabica beans that contain about 1.5% of caffeine.