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How To Use Aeropress Coffee Makers For A Delicious Brew!

Today we’re talking about how to use Aeropress coffee makers, and why they’re a convenient, consistent, and enjoyable method of brewing great coffee at home or on the go. Making Aeropress coffee is quick, it’s simple, and, best of all, it’s good.

First, a quick Aeropress brewing guide. Then, we’ll take a look at how to use an Aeropress coffee maker and go over some tips and tricks to get the best out of your Aeropress. You’ll see that using an Aeropress doesn’t have to be complicated

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Quick Aeropress Brewing Guide

  1. Place filter into the base and rinse.
  2. Put Aeropress together on top of your cup.
  3. Place 14g of medium-fine ground coffee in the cylinder.
  4. Pour 220ml of hot (not boiling) water into the cylinder.
  5. Stir well and place the top on.
  6. Leave to brew for 2 minutes.
  7. Slowly plunge the Aeropress for a 30 second extraction.

What is an Aeropress?

What is an Aeropress? Simply, it’s a coffee brewing system that uses two high tech copolyester cylinders, and a filter. That’s it! Couldn’t be simpler. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, the Aeropress system is one of the best coffee making tools on the market today.

French Press or Aeropress – What’s the Difference?

Though they look similar, a French Press and an Aeropress are almost completely different. A French Press uses coarser coffee grounds and has a longer brewing time, whereas the Aeropress uses finer grounds and takes much less time.

So French Press or Aeropress? Well, the French Press vs Aeropress debate really depends on what type of coffee you like. If you’re all about espresso but don’t have an espresso machine at home or want to get your espresso when travelling, an Aeropress is definitely the way to go.

How Does an Aeropress Work?

So, how does an Aeropress actually work? The Aeropress works by creating a very high pressure and using it to force the water through the grounds inside the brewing chamber. You manually apply pressure with the press, and water is forced through the filter at the bottom, producing a rich, velvety cup of coffee.

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How to Make Aeropress Coffee

Well, the system includes a large, clear cylinder with holes in the bottom into which you place a specially designed filter, over which go the coffee grounds. You then place the Aeropress on top of a sturdy mug or other container you plan to have your coffee in. Pour in your hot water. Next take the smaller plunger type cylinder that has the rubber seal, and gently nudge it into the opening of the cylinder containing the steaming water and coffee mix. Firmly press down on the plunger, straining the liquid through the filter at the bottom and into the waiting cup.

Useful Tricks for Learning How to Use Aeropresses

  • Use fresh ground coffee. The sooner you use it after it’s ground, the better and weigh it accurately.
  • Pour a little water over the coffee grounds, just enough to cover the coffee, before you pour the rest of the water. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. This “blooming” technique gets rid of the excess CO2 in the coffee and makes it taste much better!
  • Use an unbleached filter, provided by Aeropress, or one of their specialty aluminium filters.
  • Use steady, even pressure when pressing the coffee out of the cylinder.
  • No need to press hard. Slow and steady is the key.
  • Use filtered water that’s just under the boiling point 

How to Grind Coffee for Aeropress

So what is the best grind of coffee for Aeropress? Do you know how to grind coffee for Aeropress, or the grind size for Aeropress?

Well, how do you like your coffee? If you like it stronger and richer, some people go for espresso grind, which is very fine in texture, with a 1 minute brew time.

We prefer, and recommend, a medium-fine grind with a slightly longer brew time of 2 minutes.

Take a look at our coffee grinder recommendations here!

Aeropress Paper vs Metal Filter

Aeropress paper filter vs metal filter, which should you buy? This comes down to preference in the long run. Paper filters will have benefits and drawbacks based on what you’re looking for in a cup of coffee, and that’s true for metal filters as well, so let’s look at the pros and cons:

Paper Filters


  • Paper filters will filter out what are called “insoluble solids” and overall they help make a smoother, less oily brew.
  • They are cheap and compostable, cutting down on the effort you have to go through for a cup of coffee. 


  • You’ll have to buy them regularly and, if you don’t compost, they’ll end up in the trash.
  • They make for a lighter, typically weaker cup of coffee. 

Metal Filter


  • Sturdy, reusable, easy to clean.
  • Metal filters won’t cut down on the natural oils in coffee, and this results in a richer, stronger brew with a more creamy mouth feel.
  • You’ll likely never have to buy more than one. 


  • You’ve got to wash them after every use, otherwise you end up with an oily, grimy mess.
  • You end up with a lot of those oils and non solubles in your cup, which isn’t for everybody, especially if you’ve got a sensitive stomach.

Aeropress – How Much Coffee?

If you’re wondering “how much coffee to use in my Aeropress” – Aeropress recommends you use 15 -18 grams, or about 3 tablespoons, of ground coffee per cup. I’m thinking that’s about right for a good, rich but not overpowering cup of coffee.

So, when thinking about how much coffee for Aeropress systems is best, I’d say you should go with the opinion of the company that made the thing.

Temperature for Aeropress

Ever thought about the water temperature for Aeropress makers? Turns out, there’s a lot of argument over this subject. Should it be as hot as possible? Should you let the water stand for a few minutes? Does the grind of the coffee or the strength of the roast change how hot the water has to be?

The average recommendation for water temperature is about 96 degrees. This ensures you don’t over brew and get a lot of bitterness out of your coffee, but also gives you all the heat you need to actually brew the stuff. 

Where to Buy Aeropress

So where can you get one of these beauties in Australia?

The quicker you make an Aeropress a part of your daily life, the sooner you’ll experience the difference it makes. Coffee’s a huge part of our modern lives, and you shouldn’t have to settle for second best, even if you travel a lot. Get the Aeropress and find out what coffee is supposed to taste like.

Check Aeropress prices here

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Sophie is a barista and coffee enthusiast who has owned and ran a coffee truck in her remote community since 2017. She wants to cut the jargon and make brewing coffee enjoyable for everyone.