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Why Do People Put Salt In Coffee? And Should You Be Doing It Too?

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of adding salt to your coffee? You may be reading this and shaking your head thinking “Ew, no! Why would I ever do that?” Well, as it turns out there are a lot of people who do indeed put salt in their coffee, and it has been a common practice in some countries for centuries! 

So why are people putting salt in their coffee? Well, for one thing, it reduces the tongue’s ability to taste the bitterness of coffee. Adding salt to coffee can also improve the flavour of stale water. Salt will also make the water used for brewing denser which will give your coffee a thicker texture. 

Salt in Coffee

So what exactly does salt do for a cup of brewed coffee? As we already mentioned adding salt to coffee can reduce the bitter flavour of coffee, especially coffee that may be of lesser quality or that has sat on the burner for too long. 

Adding salt to coffee can also help to reduce the acidity of the brew, and enhance some of the more subtle flavours of the coffee that you might not notice without it. 

How Much Salt do you put in Coffee?

You need very little salt added to your coffee to change the taste of it, and there are a couple of different ways that you can try adding salt to your next cup. Some people add a pinch of salt to the dry coffee grounds before the brewing process. 

Other people don’t add salt until after the brew has been completed. Again just a little pinch in your mug is all that you need, and you can always add a little and then add a pinch more if the taste is not quite where you would like it to be. 

There is one more way that people may use to add salt to their coffee. Some people prefer to dissolve a small amount of table salt in water and add a few drops of the solution to their cup of coffee. 

Health Benefits of Adding Salt to Coffee

Fluid Balance- Salt is a natural electrolyte and by adding it to your coffee, it can help to maintain the proper natural fluid balance that your body needs. Adding a pinch of salt to your coffee also helps to replace any salt that your body loses through perspiration and urination. 

Relieve Acid Reflux- If you have acid reflux, you should first try to find a coffee with lower acidity, and then try adding a pinch of salt to your cup. The salt in the coffee prevents the contraction of stomach muscles that push acid back up into the esophagus. 

Low-calorie coffee- Many people report that by adding salt to their coffee, they no longer need to add milk, cream, sugar, or sweeteners. This can reduce the number of calories that you are consuming in each cup. 

Why Do People Put Salt in Coffee? 

There are many different reasons that people might choose to add a pinch of salt to their coffee. Some people put salt in lower quality coffee grounds to reduce the bitterness and acidity of the flavour. Some people add salt to their coffee to compensate for poor water quality, or to change the composition of the water resulting in a thicker brew. 

Some choose to add salt to their coffee to reduce the need for sweeteners, milk, or cream as a way to cut down on calorie consumption. Others add a pinch of salt to their coffee to promote better fluid and electrolyte balance in their bodies. There are probably many others who add a pinch of salt to their coffee just to see what all of the fuss is about. 

What do you think? Will you be adding a pinch of salt to your next cup of coffee to see what all of the fuss is about? Have you already been adding salt to your coffee and are now left wondering why the rest of us haven’t tried it yet? If you have no other use for salt in your coffee, the consensus seems to be that if you have nothing more than instant coffee, or harsh grounds to work with then a pinch of salt is just what you need to make it palatable.

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Sophie is a barista and coffee enthusiast who has owned and ran a coffee truck in her remote community since 2017. She wants to cut the jargon and make brewing coffee enjoyable for everyone.