Finding The Best Reusable Coffee Pods, Australia 2021

I’ll start this with an honest comment….. I do not like pod coffee machines! I’ve not had good experiences with them but my biggest issue is the waste they create. However, if you have one of these machines, finding the best reusable coffee pods, Australia, is a great place to start reducing that waste. It’s a small change and I actually think they create a much better cup of coffee.

There are heaps of candidates for the best refillable coffee pods Australia offers, but it can be hard to know which is best. If you’re not completely sure what to look for, you’re in the right place, because this is a complete guide to the best reusable capsules in Australia.

In this guide, I take you through what to consider when buying your eco friendly coffee pods and share in depth reviews of some of the best refillable coffee capsule brands. So, whether you’re looking for the best reusable nespresso compatible coffee pods, refillable coffee pods for dolce gusto, or just the best coffee pods Australia has – we’ve got it.

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Our Top Pick: SealPod Reusable Capsules

This was a tough choice but we’re going for the SealPod reusable capsules – this starter kit is affordable and gives you everything you need to ditch the disposable pods altogether. SealPod even designed these capsules to last a lifetime.

Best Reusable Coffee Capsules Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the reusable coffee capsules reviewed in this article.

ProductMaterialCompatible WithRatingPrice
Sealpod Starter Kit
Stainless SteelNespresso
Podstar Nespresso
Stainless SteelNespresso
& other
i Cafilas

Stainless SteelNespresso
(but not all)
Stainless SteelNespresso
(made after

Stainless SteelNespresso
Alchemy Bar Goods
Stainless SteelNespresso
Dolce Gusto

PlasticDolce Gusto
(except Dolce
Gusto EDG355)
i Cafilas
Dolce Gusto

Stainless SteelDolce Gusto
Dolce Gusto

Stainless SteelDolce Gusto

Why are Reusable Coffee Pods Better?

Everyone talks about disposable cups being bad for the environment but you don’t hear as much about disposable coffee pods!

Pod machines are relatively new on the market but in the past few years, they’ve been flying off the shelves and into the homes of coffee lovers. However, it’s a known downside that these machines are terribly damaging to the environment, as well as costly. That’s why we want to show you some of the best refillable coffee pods.

Each time a coffee is made, one ‘pod’ must be used and then disposed of. Kuerig, a leading pod coffee machine brand, sold enough coffee pods to circle the earth six times, in just one year!  The damage being done to the earth by single use coffee pods is immeasurable. But, before you throw out or cancel the purchase of your machine, consider trying refillable coffee capsules.

Reusable, sustainable coffee pods mimic the design of regular disposable coffee pods but instead allow you to fill the pod with your favourite freshly ground coffee. Using refillable capsules doesn’t only spare you from regularly purchasing costly coffee pods but it also means you don’t contribute yet more single use coffee pods to landfill.

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an image of the best reusable coffee pods on coffee beans

How to Use Reusable Coffee Pods?

The best tasting coffee pods Australia offers are refillable ones! Why?! Because you can put ANY brand of freshly ground coffee in them that you want. Check out how easy it is to use them!

  1. Establish whether your brand of reusable pod comes with a filter — not all do, but if it does, be sure to put the filter in the bottom of the pod.
  1. Fill your reusable pod with ground coffee. Most pod machines don’t allow for a large volume of coffee to go in the pod.
  1. Tamp the grind. You’ll need to experiment a bit in order to find the most effective tamp firmness for your machine and grind.
  1. Seal the pod. Before applying the lid make sure you have brushed any excess grinds off the rim of the pod, as this will mean the pod can’t seal properly.
  1. Reusable pods go into your machine and work in the same way as single use pods but make sure you’ve got it the right way round, as per the instructions, or else you may damage the pod or machine.
  1. After your coffee is made, simply dump out the coffee grounds (onto the compost heap if you have one) and rinse all the components. Be careful — you don’t want to throw out your filter (if there is one).

What to Look for in the Best Reusable Coffee Pods

Compatibility With Your Machine

One of the most important things to look for is that the reusable coffee pod will be compatible with your particular machine. Different pod machines take different sized pods and so you need to look for a reusable pod that matches the dimensions of the single use pod that’s designed for that machine. Even the best reusable nespresso pods, Australia, will not fit in your Keurig pod machine.


Many reusable pods aim to be eco-friendly coffee pods and are made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is known to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Others use plastic and are generally cheaper than their stainless steel counterparts which are a big plus for some — plastic, although not a super eco-friendly material, is still heaps better than using a single-use coffee pod.

Ease of Use

A big selling point of reuseable coffee pods is the convenience and ease of use. It’s not much more trouble to use a reusable pod than it is a single use pod. On top of that, you’ll never be caught out in the morning again by realising you’ve run out of single use pods.


Reusable coffee pods have a long lifespan. Depending on the brand and material, the recommended amount of usage can range from around 200 uses to 10,000 — others claim that you can use them an unlimited number of times and some even carry a lifetime guarantee so you can be confident you’ll be using these for the long term. 

Reusable Coffee Pods Reviews

Take a look at our reusable coffee pods reviews and choose which one you want to make the swap with. 

Best Reusable Pods for Nespresso: Sealpod Reusable Capsule Starter Kit

Very happy to have made the switch to reusable pods! Makes getting a guilt-free cuppa easy, with no more pods going to landfill and I still get a wonderfully rich, creamy coffee. – Brenton G.

Looking for the best Nespresso compatible pods Australia offers? Well, look no further!

These stainless steel reusable coffee pods for nespresso machines come with a scoop that doubles as a tamper, a stand for filling the pod that doubles as a cover to store it, and 24 sticker lids (you can buy more sticker lids when these run out). The overall feel of quality of this pod is high, and it seems to me like it will last a long time, if not forever. Obviously results will differ from person to person, due to the variety of coffee used, but I found that my coffee using a SealPod came out great and they’re a great option if you’re looking for the best Nespresso reusable pods, Australia.

A downside of these Nespresso refillable capsules is that they’re not 100% waste free. They use disposable foil or paper lids and do not state if these can be recycled. However, I notice that the coffee made with SealPod does seem to taste more full bodied than that from pods using reusable plastic or silicone lids — SealPod claims this is because these lids can absorb the flavour of the coffee, which is why they opt for foil and paper.

In the grand scheme of things, SealPod’s reusable Nespresso coffee pods do save a lot of waste from ending up in landfill, even with the disposable lid. The pods are stainless steel and so they’re durable and also easy to clean. Overall, I think these are really good buy and definitely one of the best refillable Nespresso capsules that I’ve tried.

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Podstar Stainless Steel Nespresso Pods

The pods are terrific, super quality and easy to use and I love that I am reducing my wastage. I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to move away from throwaway pods. – Kara

These Podstar capsules are specially designed for Nespresso machines but Podstar makes several pods for other machines — so it’s worth checking out their extensive compatibility list if you don’t have a Nespresso machine but still want to give Podstar a try.

Like all the pods offered by Podstar, these refillable Nespresso pods are made from stainless steel and you get two pods in the pack. They come with a spare silicone ring which helps secure the lid to the pod, but you’ll need to purchase a scoop and tamper if you don’t have these already — Podstar sells these separately. 

Podstar recommends using a medium to fine ‘stovetop’ grind — so an espresso grind could work well here. If you want a strong coffee, it’s recommended that you use two capsules for each cup — this is not a problem since you get two pods in the pack, so you don’t need to wash one out before using it again. Podstar doesn’t say how best to tamp your grind but generally its best to start off with a loose to medium tamp.

When shipping your order, Podstar uses a carbon neutral delivery company and their packaging is compostable — if you’re ordering reusable pods because you’re looking to cut down on your environmental impact, it’s good to know that Podstar’s policies are in line with this. The pods look and feel really durable and Podstar states they should last forever. The pods come with attractive packaging and you can also buy lots of extra products to go along with the pods, which could form part of a nice gift package for a coffee pod enthusiast looking for Nespresso reusable coffee pods!

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i Cafilas Nespresso Pods

This is great, exactly what I was after. It’s super easy to use and clean. The lid goes on easily too with a tight seal. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a reusable solution to pods for their Nespresso machine. – Brooke

This refillable capsule for Nespresso machines is made from stainless steel. The pack comes with one reusable Nespresso capsules, a scoop that doubles as a tamper and a brush to help with cleaning the pod. The pod works with most Nespresso machines but not all, so make sure to check the compatibility list before ordering.

The pod fits well in the machine and there don’t seem to be any problems with getting it to work properly. The quality of the coffee depends on the grind size — using a fine grind is really important otherwise the coffee will taste watery. When the grind size is right, there should be a nice amount of crema on the coffee too. The finer the grind, the less tamping you should need to do, but you can also gradually try tamping more firmly to achieve a stronger coffee.

The iCafilas pod seems to do a great job after a bit of experimenting. As with all reusable pods, there is the potential to get it wrong and make a subpar coffee, but do persist and keep messing around with the grind size and tamp firmness to achieve optimal results. The price for this pod is very reasonable and can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention preventing more single-use pods going to landfill.

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Asun Refillable Pods

Asun’s product comes with a scoop that doubles as a tamp, a silicone ring to securely fit the stainless steel reusable lid onto the pod, and one reusable stainless steel coffee pods. Asun says this pod can work with most Nespresso machines made after 2003 but check their compatibility list to be sure. 

The pod requires a fine grind to achieve optimal results and it’s recommended not to tamp too firmly as the water will find it tricky to work its way through the grind if it’s packed too tightly. When the grind and tamp are right, the pod can produce a good amount of crema on the coffee but it can take a few tries and adjustments to get the most out of the pod.

Asun’s pod is super easy to clean and all of its components are reusable which are both big plusses. Asun hasn’t stated how long these pods should last but they appear very sturdy and durable. The pods are offered at a really reasonable price, which means you could quickly start saving more money than an Asun pod costs you, when you stop buying single use pods — so you don’t have much to lose by giving these refillable capsules a try.

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RECAPS Nespresso Pods

The reusable caps are great. I was told when buying them to buy metal ones and these were perfect, great price for what you get. The packaging was really nice. – Rocky

These pods are one of the most popular on the market. RECAPS gives you three stainless steel pods which makes a change from other brands that give you only one pod — this means you can make three coffees before needing to wash them out. The pack also includes a scoop, a tamper, a brush, and 120 disposable lids which you buy again when you run out.

Although these pods are not 100% waste free, RECAPS say that the disposable lids help to generate enough pressure for the pod to work the same way as the Nespresso brand single use pods.The coffee from these pods does have a nice well bodied flavour and makes a good crema similar to the original Nespresso pods. The recommended grind size is medium to fine and the tamp shouldn’t be too firm as the pod may leak — RECAPS says that a bit of leakage into the tray might happen but this won’t cause any damage to the machine. 

Like other reusable pods, you need to experiment to get optimal results but many consumers achieve good results with these pods. These capsules have a premium feel to them and come with attractive packaging and could make a great gift for a friend or loved one with a pod machine. These capsules look and feel great and RECAPS says that they can last for over ten years, so these could be a great purchase if you’re looking for a premium pod package.

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Alchemy Bar Goods Nespresso Capsules

Compatible with most Nespresso original line machines, these reusable pods are made from stainless steel with a rubber ring to ensure the coffee is properly secure. The kit also comes with a tamper, and scoop, so you get the perfect pod every time.

It also comes with foil lids, that stick on the top to create the seal. These aren’t reusable, which is a little disappointing, but they work well, and are better than plastic.

Cleaning the pods is pretty easy, just run them under a tap and that’s pretty much it. You’ll need to remove the rubber rings to clean them properly, although they are easy to put back in (be careful when you empty the pods, as the rings have a habit of falling off into the bin!).

Overall these are a good option and even come in a lovely display box if you’re looking for a gift.

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RECAPS Dolce Gusto Pods

These RECAPS pods are made for Dolce Gusto machines and should work with all varieties of Dolce Gusto machines except the Dolce Gusto EDG355. Like the stainless steel Nespresso RECAPS pods, these Dolce Gusto reusable pods, Australia, are also very popular. The pods are sold at a really reasonable price and for most consumers they work similarly well to the original Dolce Gusto pods, but you should be careful when closing the machine so as not to damage them (make sure you have the pod the right way round). 

The pack includes three pods which is great as you can make three coffees before washing them out. You also get a scoop which doubles as a tamper, a brush, and three mesh filters that go at the bottom of the pod — make sure you don’t accidentally throw these away with the grounds. You should use a medium to fine grind with these pods — the finer the grind the more crema you should get. Experiment with the grind size and tamp firmness until you achieve the best result. 

These pods offer a cost effective way to use your pod machine and are 100% waste free. RECAPS doesn’t state how long the pods can last, but as they are made of plastic they might not be as durable as stainless steel pods. However, you get three pods in the set and they’re offered at a very reasonable price, so the pods could definitely save you money and save a lot of waste from going to landfill.

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iCafilas Dolce Gusto Pods

This pod is made from stainless steel and according to iCafilas, should work in all Dolce Gusto machines. You get one pod in the pack and it comes with a plastic scoop and a cleaning brush, but you’ll need your own flat tamper for best results. The pod uses a silicone lid so you don’t need to worry about buying disposable lids.

iCafilas have specially designed this pod to produce a high amount of crema — they say that no matter the grind size you should get a good crema but best results do seem to come with a fine grind. iCafilas recommends a tamp that is not too firm, but again, you’ll need to experiment with the tamp and grind size to achieve the best result.

A big plus of this pod is that it’s marketed as dishwasher safe — probably best to put the components in the cutlery basket so they don’t get knocked about in the wash. This pod is priced cheaper than other competitors on the market and seems pretty durable. It’s waste free and iCafilas says you can recycle all the components at the end of its lifecycle, so this pod is definitely worth considering if you’re trying to cut down on waste and costs.

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WayCap Dolce Gusto Pods

Incredible quality capsules, I dislike all of the capsules for my coffee machine so decided to get these so I could buy fresh beans, grind them myself and use that in them. Can confirm the coffee tastes a thousand times better now and I’m not throwing away 4 plastic capsules a day. – Jacinta

These pods are for Dolce Gusto machines but WayCap also offer pods designed for Nespresso machines which have had positive feedback and are worth checking out. These Dolce Gusto pods come with two capsules, a dock to sit the pod in when you’re filling it, a tamper that fits perfectly in the pod, and four filters that go at the bottom of the pod. A great thing about WayCap capsules is that the four filters have differently sized and spaced holes depending on the grind you’re using. This is a nice touch from WayCap, as it means you have more flexibility than other reusable pods, when it comes to your preferred grind size. 

When using your WayCap pod, it’s important to fill the capsule only two thirds full as otherwise it won’t work in the machine correctly and the silicone lid might get loose. When you put the pod in, you need to check you’ve got it the right way round as per the instructions, or you might damage the lid. The pods use silicone lids and so are 100% waste free and WayCap say they should work in all Dolce Gusto machines.

These pods generally work well in the machine as long as you’re closely following the instructions. Although the lid is silicone, which might not be as durable or eco friendly as a stainless steel lid, some consumers have said they get better results with silicone over stainless steel lids. WayCap has spent a lot of time and effort perfecting their design —  this, along with the differently sized filters means you’re likely to get a great coffee out of these pods.

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How many reusable pods do I need?

For many people, they will only need one pod, since once you’ve used it you can wash it and use it again. However, if you usually make more than one coffee at a time, you might want to consider buying a few so you don’t need to wash it straight after use to make the next coffee.

How do I clean reusable coffee pods?

Cleaning reusable coffee pods is beautifully simple — just rinse and leave to dry. It’s not recommended to use any kind of soap on your pods as this may affect the taste of the coffee, but if you do use soap, make sure its mild and that it’s completely rinsed off before using your pod.

What coffee can I use with refillable pods?

Most reusable pod companies recommend using a fine grind but you should check what is recommended for the particular brand and pod product that you have or are considering buying.

If you want to be even more eco-friendly check out our guide to reusable cups. If you have a coffee-loving friend there are some eco-friendly gift ideas here or check out all of our coffee accessories.