What Are The Best Scales For Coffee Brewing In Australia? [2021]

If you’re starting to get serious about your caffeine addiction, investing in the best scales for coffee brewing could completely change your brew. Any coffee snob will tell you that precision is everything and scales are the place to start.

There are tons of choices claiming to be the best coffee scales Australia on the market though. So which one do you choose?

Today we’ll take you through everything you need to know when looking for the best espresso scales. We’ll talk about all the features to look out for then review some of our favourites. Whether you’re looking for the best scale for pour over coffee or a scale you can use for other things as well, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Top Pick: Brewista BWRRS1

After much deliberation, we went for the Brewista BWRRS1. We love the integrated ratio and pour rate features that guide you through the entire brewing process for a perfect pour-over coffee every single time!

Best Coffee Scales, Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best coffee weighing scales reviewed in this article.

ProductCapacityAccurate ToRatingPrice
Ten Mile
3 kg0.1 g4.5/5Check
1 kg0.1 g4.5/5Check
OXO Good Grips 6 Lb Precision Coffee Scale with Timer
3 kg0.1 g4.3/5Check
Hario V60
Hario VST-200B V60 Drip Scale, Black
2 kg0.1 g
Brewista BWRRS1 Ratio Scale, Black
2 kg0.1 g
Brewista BSSRB2
Brewista BSSRB2 Smart Scale Version II, Black
2 kg0.1 g4.2/5Check
Brewista Ratio
2 kg0.1 g4.2/5Check
2 kg0.1 g
Leaf and Bean
3 kg0.1 g

Why Do I Need Special Scales?

Without using a scale for coffee, your cup of coffee is composed of guess work — each cup you make will be different from the last, even when using the same brew method. The best precision scale consistently gives you the optimal cup of coffee.

Why Use Scales Instead of Volumetric Measurements?

Volumetric measurements are notoriously inconsistent. One persons “scoop” or “tablespoon” can be much bigger or smaller than someone else’s. Do they mean heaped, flat, tamped?? All those things will yield a different amount of coffee. 

Using a barista scale means these inconsistencies are a thing of the past. A coffee brewing scale measures the precise amount of coffee that you need for optimal taste, according to weight.

Using a scale to measure beans, grinds, espresso shots, and water will give you a consistently good coffee.

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What to Look for in the Best Scale for Coffee Brewing

The best scale for coffee brewing, should be accurate, stylish and have all the features that you personally need to make your perfect brew — keep reading for features to look for.


The main reason most people consider buying a scale is that they need more accuracy in their brew process. For that reason, good accuracy of scales is paramount. All the scales in this article are accurate to 0.1g.

Read our reviews below to find the best digital scale for coffee for your needs.


Size does matter for some coffee lovers. Very small coffee scales are usually designed to fit on the drip tray of an espresso machine, so the density of the shot can be accurately measured. Scales designed especially for pour overs are usually a bit bigger than this. If you want to make large batches, you’ll also need to think about the maximum weight capacity.

Battery Life

Some scales take batteries such as AAA — you can use disposable or rechargeable if you want to be more eco friendly. Some scales have an auto off feature and newer premium scales use USB charging. Battery life differs between products so check the product description if long battery life is important to you. 

Extra Features

  • Timer — If you’re a pour over coffee fan, a timer is important and it’s nice to have this included within the scale. If you’re concerned about your pouring rate, the best pour over scale for you would include a pour rate bar or graph to follow.
  • Water resistant — Some scales are resistant to spillages which is important if you’re prone to spills or want to use a scale on your espresso machine drip tray.
  • Smart apps — A smart coffee scale offers an accompanying app to go with the scale, so you can track your pour rate among other features.

Best Coffee Scale Reviews, Australia

Take a look below at our coffee scale reviews to find your new barista worthy scale.

Ten Mile Coffee Drip Scale

This digital coffee scale by Ten Mile ticks all the boxes for many consumers. It’s accurate to 0.1 g, has a 3 kg capacity, and a 12.6 x 12.6 cm plate, so you can brew everything from a single coffee to a large batch. This scale has a built in timer which makes for a more accurate pour rate. It has a sleek all black design and there’s a removable heat and drip pad to protect the scale and stop heat from interfering with its accuracy. 

This scale fires up quickly, is responsive and accurate, and you get all this with an affordable price tag. It takes two AAA batteries, which are included and it has an auto off feature to increase battery life. This scale doesn’t have any additional fancy features but for the majority of coffee lovers, this scale is all you need. 

Features of the Ten Mile Coffee Drip Scale:

  • Built in timer
  • Maximum capacity of 3000g — possibility for big batches
  • Protective heat and drip pad
  • Auto off feature
  • Affordable

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Rhino Coffee Gear

This scale from Rhino Coffee Gear offers the basic features most people need in a coffee scale, and is really budget friendly. It’s designed to work as an espresso scale with its compact size of 11 x 7.5 cm, meaning it can fit on most drip trays. It’s accurate to 0.1 g and has a 1 kg capacity. It has a detachable plastic hard case so you can easily clean off any drips and this doubles as a tray for weighing coffee beans. 

It takes two AAA batteries which are included and has an auto off feature. This scale looks professional with a stainless steel plate and black plastic body and has an easily readable display. It doesn’t have a timer, but if you simply want a scale to weigh out beans and espresso shots, this scale does nicely and won’t break the bank.

Features of the Rhino Coffee Gear scale:

  • Super affordable
  • Compact — fits on an espresso machine drip tray
  • Protective hard case that doubles as a measuring tray
  • Auto off feature

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OXO Good Grips

This scale has a really stylish all black design with a digital display and touch interface. It has a 0.1 g accuracy and a maximum capacity of 3 kg with a plate size of approximately 25 x 20 cm, making it suitable for larger batches. This scale includes a timer to allow for a more precise pour rate.

OXO Good Grip’s has a removable silicone covering to protect the plate from heat and drips. It requires three AAA batteries which are included and has an auto off feature. This is a nice scale if you are looking for a stylish addition to your kitchen that carries a reputable brand name.

Features of the OXO Good Grips:

  • Built in timer
  • Large plate size and maximum capacity for larger batches
  • Super stylish design with touch interface
  • Silicone protective cover
  • Auto off feature

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Hario V60 Drip Scale

This Hario scale is a super popular choice. It comes in a range of designs, including stainless steel and all black and is made to be water resistant. It has an integrated timer to measure your pour rate. It uses two AAA batteries which are included and has an auto off feature. The plate size is approximately 12 x 14 cm meaning it’s fairly compact but big enough for most coffee jugs. 

This hario coffee scale weighs in 0.1 g increments up to 200 g and then 0.5 g above this, which helps to keep the cost down for consumers. It has a maximum capacity of 2 kg and is a good choice if you’re looking for the best pour over coffee scale that can handle larger batches.

This Hario v60 scale is a good choice if you’re looking for the best kitchen scale for coffee that is accurate and made by a trusted brand.

Features of the Hario v60 drip scale:

  • Built in timer
  • Water resistant
  • Choice of designs
  • Auto off feature

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Brewista BWRRS1

Brewista’s scale has an eye catching hexagonal shaped plate that measures around 16 x 16 cm at the widest parts. It has a wealth of functionality that should serve expert coffee connoisseurs well, but some may find the features unnecessary. It operates on a ratio basis — select your water to coffee ratio, for example 17:1, and then pour according to the pour rate bar on the display. No need to worry about pouring too fast or slow with this scale.

This Brewista weighs in 0.1 g increments with a capacity of up to 2 kg. It’s super quick to adjust to weight changes, making it ideal for precision pour overs and weighing. It’s water resistant and comes with a durable rubber heat mat. It uses a USB charger and has an adjustable auto off feature. Brewista’s scale carries a higher price tag than other competitors but it really is the Swiss army knife of scales and can do it all.

Features of the Brewista BWRRS1:

  • Built in timer
  • Functionality — ratio selection and dual pour rate bars
  • Responsive weight scale
  • Adjustable auto off feature
  • Micro USB charging

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Brewista BSSRB2

This Brewista scale is compact, with a plate size of around 10 x 11 cm, so it can fit on the drip tray of your espresso machine. It’s water resistant so there are no worries about leaving it on your machine or countertop all day. This scale is functionality heavy and has six modes for a range of different espresso preparations, but includes one for pour over, with an integrated timer.

It charges with a micro USB but the cord is not included. It comes with an acrylic cover that doubles as a bean tray and stops weight fluctuations caused by heat. This scale is suitable for professional baristas who want to get the best out of their espresso machines, but it can work for serious coffee lovers at home too. 

Features of the Brewista BSSRB2:

  • Compact — use under your espresso machine
  • Functionality — make your PERFECT espresso
  • Responsive weight scale
  • Protective heat mat
  • Micro USB charging

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Brewista Ratio Scale

This Brewista scale has a hexagonal all black design. It’s designed for making pour over coffee and has a ratio scale function and dual pour rate bars, so you can match the optimal rate. It’s a fairly compact size at 10.6 x 12.7 and is water resistant, so could also work under an espresso machine.

It uses USB charging and has an auto off feature. This scale comes with a clear hard case for ease of cleaning that can double as a bean tray. It has a 0.1 g accuracy and a maximum capacity of 2 kg and responds quickly. It also includes a silicone heat mat to protect against temperature fluctuations. This is another functionality heavy device from Brewista that should have no problem satisfying the needs of serious pour over fanatics. 

Features of the Brewista Ratio Scale:

  • Dual pour rate bars for the perfect pour over
  • Micro USB charging
  • Responsive weight scale
  • Compact size so you can use under your espresso machine
  • Auto off feature

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Felicita Incline

This smart scale has an all black sleek design with a touch interface. This scale is designed for pour over coffee, but could also fit on a drip tray with a size of 14 x 10 cm, and is water resistant. It can handle up to 2 kg, measuring in 0.1 g increments.This scale is super responsive and reflects a change of weight in a fraction of a second. This scale includes all the basic features you would expect in a brew scale and much more.

The Felicita Incline is a smart scale — it connects via bluetooth to an app (iOs and Android) where you can monitor the brewing process from start to finish. This is a premium product —  the accompanying app with all its features such as origin and ratio selection, pour rate chart, and the ability to save your brew prints for future reference, make an exhaustive scale to satisfy true coffee fanatics.

Features of the Felicita Incline:

  • Integrated timer
  • Really responsive weight scale
  • App for your phone — track EVERYTHING about your brew process
  • Water resistant
  • Micro USB charging and auto off feature

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Leaf and Bean Scales

This lovely looking scale is a great addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen and the one I have at home. With its LED display and touch panel, it’s modern and intuitive to use.

Suitable for up to 3kg, and at 17cm x 16cm, it’s perfect for larger batches or for just your morning cup. The timer and auto-off functions are lovely touches that elevate this model above just standard scales.

Made from stainless steel, the plate is easy to wipe down for the next use and it could easily be the best scale for coffee pour over.

Features of the Leaf and Bean scales:

  • Automatic or manual timer
  • Touch/LED display
  • Up to 3kg maximum capacity
  • High precision sensor

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How to weigh coffee?

Brew scales don’t only weigh your beans but support precise weighing of the whole brew process directly in your brewing receptacle (coffee dripper, chemex, v60, filter, portafilter etc.) so you don’t lose precision when pouring from another container. 

Are coffee scales waterproof?

Some scales are water resistant and can handle spillages but others may be damaged by spills — check the product description to be sure.

Do I need a ‘smart’ scale?

Smart scales may be the game-changer for some professional baristas or coffee fanatics but are not necessary for everyone — if you simply want to weigh beans and water, a non-smart scale will do fine.

For a perfect ground coffee, take a look at our post on the best coffee grinders and best manual coffee grinders next. Or take a look at our top automatic coffee machines and favourite coffee accessories.